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Corfu Grant County WA

Corfu was a station located along the former Chicago-Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad mainline in Grant County, WA. The rail line was in service from 1909 to 1980.

Corfu was established with a two story store, post office, gas station, school house, depot, and homes. One hundred yards up the hill from the town site was the railroad section foreman's house and laborers bunkhouse. Corfu's population in 1920 was 131 and by 1930 was 62. By 1941 with the coming of highways the Corfu school closed, and a short time later the Corfu Mercantile closed.

A cemetery was established near Corfu in 1912 and is now known as the Pleasant Valley Cemetery with 43 burial records, with some unmarked graves.


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The Adventure Begins Now. 

Most outdoor enthusiasts go hiking, fishing or mountain climbing, Ghost Towns of Washington has an enthusiasm all our own.  Ghost Towns of Washington seeks out towns, mining sites, and historic sites that once existed or will cease to exist in the near future.  Photographing and documenting these remnants of our past.


In 2010 we decided to embark on a series of weekend self guided adventures to ghost towns and historic mining sties in Washington.  We set out seeking the thrill of adventure and undiscovered treasure.  What we discovered was much more rewarding.

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