Incinerator Selleck mill site

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Selleck school site

Selleck 1920's

Incinerator Selleck mill site

Power house ruins Selleck

Mill complex foundations

Selleck school 1930

Incinerator Selleck

Selleck was a company lumber town located in King County WA.  The town was constructed in 1908 by the Pacific States Lumber Company to support a new lumber mills production.

At its peak Selleck was a community with a population of 900 people, complete with company houses, hotel, hospital, community hall, school, and mill buildings.  In 1939 the Pacific States Lumber Company declared bankruptcy ending the era of Selleck.

Today Selleck contains the largest concentration of original mill town structures in King County.  Most if not all of the original town is on private property.  There are a few remaining ruins of the mill including the incinerator.  

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