Pile of crushed quartz Nevada mine

Gated 40 foot level adit Nevada mine

Ore bunker from above

100 foot level of the Nevada mine

Ore bunker Nevada/War Eagle mine site

Nevada/War Eagle  Mine

Upper shaft Nevada mine

Abandoned car near Idahoe adit

Ore bunker chute

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The Nevada Mine is located in the Ruby Mining District of Okanogan County WA.  

The Nevada mine is a consolidated group of 33 independent mines operated by the Peacock Mining and Milling Company in 1915.  The claims were made up of the Idahoe, Nevada, War Eagle, and Kansas.

‚ÄčThe Nevada vein was discovered in September 1886 by Fred Wendt and others. The vein appeared to be rich in silver and lead, and the War Eagle Mining and Milling Company was organized to explore and develop the deposit. In 1901, the company shipped a carload of ore to a smelter, for which they received only $10 per ton. Inasmuch as crude ore could not be shipped at a profit, mining operations ceased. In 1915, Peacock Mining and Milling Company took over the mine, as well as 32 mining claims on Peacock Mountain, and undertook an extensive exploration and development program. 

The mines were operated independently until the silver market crash of 1893.  The earliest of the group of claims is the Nevada which was discovered in 1886.  The mines operated up until the 1950's. 

In 2006 the adits were all open, as of 2013 all of the adits are collapsed and or gated.



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