Bruggeman Warehouse  constructed in the 1920's

Hanford was a small agricultural community settled in 1907 located in Benton County WA.  The town location was identified as an ideal site by the federal government was condemned in 1943 to make way for the nuclear production facility which was a key part of the Manhattan Project. 

‚ÄčResidents were given a 30 day eviction notice on March 9th 1943.  Most of the original buildings were demolished with the exception of the Hanford High School Bruggeman warehouse , and Hanford Irrigation and Power Co. Station. 

Hanford is a restricted site and must be visited through a registered guided tour. 

 Hanford High School 1925

Site Visited 2017

Ruins of the Hanford High School 

Hanford Irrigation and Power Co. Station today the structures access is restricted. 

Hanford Irrigation and Power Co. Station

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