Upper Ethel tunnel

Consolidation mill foundations

Lower tunnel Ethel

Cabin ruins of upper Ethel camp

Piping above the mill site

The Ethel Mine is located on the north side of the north fork of the Skykomish River up Excelsior Creek.  The claims were discovered in 1900.  In December of 1905 the claims were incorporated as the Ethel Copper Mining Company, which later became the Ethel Consolidated Mining Company.

​The property consisted of bunk houses, offices, and a concentrating mill, and aerial tramway.  There were three main tunnels that made up the Ethel.  One located at an elevation of 1250 feet, 1800 feet, and 2050 feet.  

​The mine operated from 1902 until 1918 and again briefly in 1942.

Ethel Mine

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Upper Ethel tunnel

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