Deep River Cemetery

Deep River Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church was built in 1898 near the Deep River Cemetery.

Deep River turn of the century.

Deep River

Old Red and White store and Post Office

Deep River 1911

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​Deep River was first settled in 1875 by Finnish emigrants, and by the 1890s it was a thriving logging settlement with steamboat landing, post office, stores, and a school. 

​Deep River was built on pilings because of the Columbia River tides, which came in twice a day. The sidewalks and roads were constructed of planks that were elevated at least six feet above high water. In 1917, Deep River had two stores, the Shamrock Hotel, a coffee shop, a community hall, a school, Pentti’s Westend Pool Hall, daily boat service to Astoria, a logging railroad, and the Deep River Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.