Portal Apex #5 1907

Site Visited 2012

Dynamite box

Pick ax

Ventilation piping

Kerosene cans

The Apex No. 5  Mine is located at an elevation of 3000 feet in the Money Creek Mining District of King County WA.

The Apex #5 was driven prior to 1925 and consisted of 1200 feet of underground workings terminating somewhere under the aerial tramway.  The #5 adit remained collapsed and undiscovered for roughly 90 years until being re-opened briefly in the summer of 2012.  We were fortunate enough to be a lucky few who have had the opportunity to explore the historic workings of this piece of the Apex mines system.  The mine collapsed again in the fall/winter of the same year and remains unaccessible to this day. 

Apex No. 5 Mine

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