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The Alder mine is located near Twisp in the Methow Valley of Okanogan County WA. The first discoveries of gold in the Alder Creek area was in the the 1880's.  By 1897 there were three mines in the Twisp Mining District;  The Alder, Red Shirt, and Crescent mine.  The Alder mine being the most successful in the Methow Valley.

The Alder Group Mining and Smelting Co. acquired the mine in 1903.  Three claims were patented in 1910, but the Alder was mostly idle until 1928.  The mine was acquired under lease in 1928, however with coming of the Great Depression, mining did not resume until 1939.  Methow Gold operated the mine from 1939 to 1941 during which time 330 cars of crude ore and 38 cars of concentrate were shipped to the ASARCO Smelter in Tacoma totaling over $338,000 in gold, silver, and copper.

The mine was shut down in 1941 under gov't order L-208 during WWII restricting mining to strategic metals.  The mine re-opened in 1947 by the Alder Gold and Copper Company.  Alder Gold constructed a 300 ton flotation mill about a quarter mile away.  The Alder mine closed for good in 1953.

‚ÄčIn 2003 the mill was demolished and remediated in 2003 under an EPA super fund site designation. 


Alder Mine

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