Looking into No. 1 adit.
White Cat Mine Part 1, WA 1929 - 1956 

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The White Cat Mine is located in the Cle Elum Mining District of Kittitas County. The mine has been known by a few different names over the years.  According to historical records the White Cat mine was originally known as the Camp Creek mine (1938).

The White Cat was owned or operated by the Camp Creek Mining Company from 1929-1940 and Bob Canson Mining Company in 1938. In 1951, Phil Denny operated the mine.

The mine primarily produced silver with some gold, historical assays showing about 2.63 oz. of silver per ton with small amounts of copper, lead, and zinc.   The White Cat shipped 14 metric tons of silver-gold ore between 1929 and 1956. Ore was shipped to Ronald where it went by rail to the Tacoma Smelter.

The mine consists of three adits located at 3100, 3800, and 3880 feet.  The property also contains the remnants of the tramway.

Source:  Inventory of Washington Minerals, Volume II Metallic Minerals, Bulletin No. 37, Marshall T. Huntting, 1956

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An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

No. 2 adit entrance.


Venturing into the No. 1 tunnel.

Remnants of the tramway.
Climbing into the drift revealed it was partially flooded. 

Looking into the partially back filled drift. 

Looking up into the raise tunnel.

Shoring of the raise. 
Looking into the No. 2 adit. 

Tramway cables

Stope in back of No. 2 tunnel.

Looking out of the No. 2 adit. 
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