Old miners cabin
Virden Mine, WA 1890's - 1990's 

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The Virden Mine area is located near Swauk pass in the Swauk Mining District.  The mines were gold producing and consisted of placer and lode mines.  Mining in this area dates back to the late 1890's with off on on activity to present day.

The Swauk district, which had a total production of 7,141 ounces of lode gold and 4,972 ounces of placer gold between 1868 and 1959

Source:  Inventory of Washington Minerals, Volume II Metallic Minerals, Bulletin No. 37, Marshall T. Huntting, 1956

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ghost town (noun): a once-flourishing town wholly or nearly deserted usually as a result of the failure of some economic activity. 

Old water chutes and sluice boxes.


An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

Collapsed flooded mine entrance.


Shed adjacent to the cabin.

Water chutes 

Same mine pictured left about ten years ago.
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