Triple Trip Mine, WA 1910 -1924 

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The Triple Trip Mine also known as the Brown Mule and McKean claim is located in Mason County in the Olympic National Forest at an elevation of 1000 feet in the Mt. Steel quadrangle..  The mine primarily produced Manganese iron during WWI.  Manganese was a mineral of  strategic importance in steel production.  Fifteen tons of ore were shipped from one adit at the mine site during World War I.  The mine was opened in 1910 by the Triple Trip Mining and Milling Company.  The mine was then operated by the Mt. Elinor Manganese Mining and Smelter Company from 1921-1924.  The mine workings consisted of two adits.  A 60 ft crosscut with a 75 ft. drift, and another adit with about 50 feet of workings.  

The Triple Trip are located off of Copper Creek trail near Lake Cushman in Mason County.

Reports estimate that a total of sixty-five tons of ore were removed from the mine over the years

Source: Huntting M.T. 1956 Inventory of Washington Minerals Part II
Washington Division of  Mines Bulletin 37

Special Thanks to Eric Smith for sharing this location.


Lower adit tunnel.

Looking out upper adit.

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  Entrance upper adit. 

Looking out the lower adit. 
 Adit #2 

Lower adit entrance. 

Four foot raise inside lower adit.   

Upper adit entrance. 
Lower adit entrance Triple Trip mine.

An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

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