Virden Family Plot.


Swauk Cemetery
Kittitas County

The Swauk Cemetery or also known as the Swauk Prairie Cemetery is located in Kittitas County Washington.  The earliest burial at this cemetery is 1893.

Many pioneers who settled and were responsible for the development of Kittitas County are buried here.  Including pioneers of the Liberty mines.  Pictured right is the Virden family plot.

George Virden arrived in Kittitas county in September, 1876 and was intimately associated with pioneer mining in the county. He took out the first sack of coal from Roslyn, and brought it to Ellensburg, where a blacksmith test showed its value. He located one hundred and sixty acres of coal land and intended to file on it, but found the land was unsurveyed, so let it go. He now has one of the most valuable coal deposits in the county. He also hauled the first wagon load of coal from the Roslyn mine for use in his own blacksmith shop. He was one of the early locaters in the Swank Creek gold district, where he now has three mines, the Gold Hill, Summit and Gold Bug. He has three hundred and twenty acres of land, of which one-third is under cultivation.

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"Historical cemetery" means any burial site or grounds which contain within them human remains buried prior to November 11, 1889 - RCW 68.60.010

One of the most visible legacies left by any township is the  cemeteries.  These sacred grounds tell the story of these  forgotten communities.

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