Sunset Mill Foundation remains.  The mill was originally constructed in 1919.  

Sunset Mine 

Arthur Egbert discovered the Sunset outcrop in June 1897. In the same year the Sunset Copper Company was formed.  The mines primary production years were from 1902 to 1949.  The sunset mine lead all other mines in the state of Washington for copper production from 1902 until 1946.   During this period the mine recovered 12,912,000 pounds of copper, 156,000 pounds of silver, and 1,500 ounces of gold.  The mine was made up of three horizontal adits.   Total development of the mine exceeded 12,000 feet.

The 250 ton per day mill was constructed in 1919 and used water washed concentrating tables.  Smelter returns indicated the mill produced a concentrate of 33 percent copper.

The mines consisted of a total of 5 production levels.  Levels 3, 4, and 5 are underwater.  Level 5 being the deepest at 335 feet below adit #2.

The mine was a self contained camp which included a bunkhouse, dining hall, assay office, sawmill, concentrator, blacksmith forge and shop.  Only the mill foundation remains indicating any structures.

The production value in 2002 metal prices was 11.5 million. 


Sunset Adit #2 which was the main haulage level.  It is 1200 feet long and has caved in just beyond the entrance to the portal.    

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Open ventilation shaft on Adit #3 centerline.  The shaft that is 4x6 and 154 feet in depth to the floor of stope #11.

Looking into back of stope #1.  The back of the stope is approx 154 feet from the entrance.  Pictured is a three story wood manway structure in the back of the cavern.  

Sunset mill site 2011
Looking into the back of stope #11 with a view of the remants of more wooden manways.  

Looking into entrance to Stope #1  STOPE - excavation made in a mine, especially from a steeply inclined vein, to remove the ore that has been rendered accessible by the shafts and drifts.  The decline of this stope is 40 degrees.  30 feet wide by 100 feet high 

Entrance of stope #11 which is larger cavern than stope #1.  The stope is about 40 feet wide 220 feet deep 100 feet in height. 

Decending view to air shaft Adit #3

Entrance to Adit #2 

The portal of the now mostly caved entrance to Adit #1.  

Stope #1 entrance  

Sunset mill site photo from 1979 showing many equipment remants. 

Sunset Mill 1929  
Portal to Adit #1 which was driven in 1898 at an elevation of 1460 feet.  This tunnel is believed to be 225 feet in length.  

1929 Photo showing location of adit #2  

Copper deposits in the mine 
Sunset Mine, WA 1897 -1949 

Site visit 2011


An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

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