Standard Clay mine and Brickworks Bayne, WA

The clay mine and brickwork's were located near the former town-site of Bayne, WA.  A large plant was built near Bayne for the manufacturing of paving brick.  Shales were well located on the hillside above the site for gravity handling to the plant.  Although equipped with modern machinery the plant failed to turn out a salable brick and after much fruitless experimentation it was scrapped. 

Source:  The Clays and Shales of Washington Shledon L. Golver. 1941


The base/foundation of the kiln. 

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Large foundation remnants of structures. 
The remains of a kiln full of bricks. 

A four foot deep brick lined hole.

Large piles of bricks.
Part of what may have been waterworks. 

One of two sets of five large pillars. 
structure remnants.  

Clay pipe remnants.   

Bolts, flanges, and nuts on top of one of the pillars with  wood framing around it. 


Bricks that appear to have been left in an old kiln.

Brickworks - Bayne, WA 1910-1912

Site visit 2011


Half of a "Carnegie" pressed fire brick.  Manufactured by the Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company of California.  1903 - 1911 
Cistern or water storage tank. 

One of several cable anchors. 
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