Dick Sperry on the left in Silverton with Billy Lord's saloon in the background. 

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Sperry Iverson mine located in Snohomish county 21 miles from when you turn onto  the Mountain Loop Highway was created in the late 189o's by miners A.D. "Dick" Sperry and Andrew Iverson.

Although not much in the way of exploring it is an overlooked mine in the area.

Sperry lived in a cabin nearby in the late 1890's.  Sperry partnered with another resident miner Andrew Iverson.  Sperry was known as a colorful character and was not above "salting" a prospect to make a sale to an unsuspecting buyer.

The Everett Herald reported that Sperry had been taken to civil court in 1895 by one W.E Keating.  Keating won the case and was awarded $1800.
Sperry Iverson Mine 1890's   

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Rotting support timbers in the tunnel. 
Several feet of water inside the tunnel.

Grated entrance of a very wet Sperry-Iverson mine.

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