Silver Dump Mine across the river.
Silver Dump Mine 1889

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Silver Dump Mine located in the Upper Cle Elum Mining District.  This mine was first recorded in 1889, located near the former town site of Galena.  The mine was driven close to river level on the west side of the Cle Elum River.  The ore that was sought here was gold and silver.  A cable spans the river a hundred or so feet north of the portal, which was used to transport mining supplies to the mine site.  There is no obvious or known way to access the mine by foot.

About ten years ago the remnants of a cabin site could be found on the east side of  the river near the cable anchor.  Today there is no obvious signs of the cabin.

At river level on the east side there are some test holes that were blasted to determine the quantity of ore bearing rock.

Source:  Discovering Washington's Historic Mines Oso Publishing 2002 Phil Woodhouse, Daryl Jacobson, Greg Cady, Victor Pisoni

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Cable spanning the river which was how supplies were transported to the mine

Blasted test areas to determine the quantity of ore bearing rock.

An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

The elusive portal across the river.

Opening to the tunnel.

Cable on the east side of the river.

Ore test holes at river level.

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