Silcott, WA  
Silcott, WA 1900 - 1930   

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Silcott Washington is an extinct community that was located 8 miles west of the current city of Clarkston, WA.  The settlement began in the late 1880's.

By 1910 the town contained the warehouses, two houses, and two competing general stores owned by two half-brothers, Cliff Wilson and Bill Wilson.

The development of automobiles and better roads along the south side of the Snake River meant that folks in Silcott could shop in Clarkston; this killed the two general stores which were major focal points in the community. By about 1930, Silcott ceased to exist as a town and largely ceased as a community.

The only remains of Silcott today is the old highway bridge and the cemetery.

The Silcott cemetery is located on a bluff knob above where the townsite once was.  There are no roads or trails that go to the old cemetery.

Thanks to Joe Wilson of Wilson Banner Ranch for sharing the great history of his family and of the area. Most importantly assisting in helping us locate the cemetery.

The cemetery contains about 23 internments.


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Silcott Cemetery   - Although very isolated, the cemetery had been vandalized at some point.  

Chief Timothy Memorial Bridge near the former site of Silcott, WA 
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