In 1888 the town of Sherman was platted by George Sherman.  George W. Sherman was a leading merchant of Sherman, and a man of substantial qualities and wealth.  He established the postoffice and was the first incumbent of the office.

Sherman was located 10 miles northeast of Wilbur in Lincoln County WA.  The first reported settlers came to Sherman around 1880 and were comprised largely of Civil War veterans from Virgina. 

Sherman was comprised of a dance hall, post office and the Redwine store.

In 1888 Arthur B. Cort moved near the town of Sherman.  Cort was an educator and got the idea to start the Cortland Academy and Business College on his property.  The idea than came to establish the town of Cortland.  Cortland by the early 1890's was growing into a flourishing community.  The Presbyterian Church was constructed at Cortland in 1898. 

The Cortland Academy eventually failed and Cortland soon with it.

The Presbyterian Church was moved to Sherman where it stands today. 

There was hope of the railroad coming to Sherman in the late 1880's but Sherman was bypassed in favor of Wilbur. 

In 1893 the Grand Army of the Republic and the Sons of Veterans built a hall at Sherman for the public and two organizations to use.  The hall still stands today. 

In 1905 the post office at Wilbur established rural free postal delivery with the coming of the railroad.  Sherman soon passed into history.


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  The old hall at Sherman.

Abandoned homestead Sherman.

The old Sherman (Cortland) Presbyterian Church  

Collapsed building at Sherman.
Sherman, WA 1888 -1905  

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Lincoln County Ghost Towns


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