Poland China Mine, WA 1896-1924 

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The Poland China mine was founded in 1896 located in the Mary Anne Creek mining district of Okanogan County.  Also known as the Molson and Overtop mine.  There is little information known about the early workings of this mine.
No one really knows how the mine got its name.  Speculation ranges from the ethnic background of investors to the ethiniticy of those in living in the nearby area.

The Poland-China mine is said to have produced $100,000 in gold.  Today the assay office is located at Old Molson.

A 25 ton a day mill was constructed in 1907, this mill produced a small shipment in 1914.  Mining ceased at this site in 1939.

"Poland China to have a mill"

Spokesman Review 12/23/1906

Chesaw, Wash., Dec. 22.-Word has been received in Chesaw today from the officials of the Poland China mine that they are now in Denver purchasing a stamp mill, which will be installed on their property in the spring. Work at the mine has been discontinued pending the installation of the mill.

The Spokesman Review also reported a new mill being built at the Poland-China mine in 1937.

In 1932 the June 30th Spokesman Review reported a 12 ounce brick of gold being delivered by one R.D. Dart in exchange for amalgam (mercury alloy).  It was reported as the first extraction of the Overtop Mining company on the former Poland-China mine site.


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Collapsed portions of the adit.  


Cabin behind the mine. 

Poland China Mine adit.   

An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

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