Pflug Mansion, WA 1906-1921       
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John G. and Anna Marie Pflug were German immigrants who came to the United States in 1900.

John Pflug wanted to build a home in German fashion for his family.  Pflug began constuction on the "dream" home in 1906.  Since money was very scarce Pflug did all the work himself.  The house was never finished, but the family did occupy part of the house.  The Pflug mansion has remained as it is vacant since 1921.

John Plfug died June 1st 1956 Anna Marie Plfug died two weeks later on June 15th 1956.  Both are interred in Lincoln County at the Wilbur Cemetery.

Pflug Mansion

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Abandoned Homestead near Chesaw 

Chesaw, WA 1898-1914

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Chesaw located in Okanogan County was established in the late 1890's.  When gold was discovered in the area, Chesaw sprang up into a significant mining community.  By the early 1900's Chesaw boasted 40 buildings including two hotels, stores, a post office, and three saloons to mention a few.  Chesaw's boom however was short lived, by 1914 the high hopes for the mines did not produce the returns expected.  Slowly the prospects were abandoned and Chesaw slipped into obscurity. 

Chesaw's name is derived from a successful and respected Chinese miner by the name of Chee Saw.

One of the few remaining original buildings from Chesaw's boom days. 
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Okanogan County Ghost Towns

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