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Montezuma began when a mine opened in 1901 as the Montezuma Mines Inc.  The coal was sent to Fairfax by a 4, 000 foot long wooden coal flume because there was no railroad to this site.  They used water from the Evans Creek to run the coal down to a point near the railroad at Fairfax.  At the bottom of the flume were 25 coke ovens and a bunker.  The coal was taken from the bunker to the ovens, and when ready was loaded on the railroad cars for shipment.  The mine closed down in 1909.

The Montezuma Mining Company operated several mines and a lumber mill about two miles from Fairfax and utilized the water power of Evans Creek.  The water was brought to the entrance of the mines in a wooden flume 3x4 feet, where it had the vertical effective fall of 89 feet through a penstock, operating a 350 horse-power turbine. 

Friends of the Carbon Canyon

This is a difficult one to pin point.  Montezuma was pretty spread out.  Between a map and some information from another ghost towner these ruins seem to be located at the end of what was once the flume, making these ruins in the vicinity of a R.R. Bunker.


From recent map overlays this appears to be remnants from the company store. 
Montezuma, WA 1901-1909 

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Montezuma Mine 
Montezuma Mine 1920's
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