Mazama Queen Mine 1914-1954 

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The Mazama Queen Mine is located at 3,000 feet in the Methow Valley area of Okanogan County.  This mine was known also as the Continental mine.  The mine sits at the base of a cliff up an 800 foot 33 percent grade angular andesite talus slope.  The mine was owned by the Mazama Queen Mining Company until 1932.  From 1932 to 1936 the mine was operated by the Continental  Gold and Silver Mining Company.  The tunnel consists of about 1000 feet of workings.  At its peak the mine showed assays of 0.32 to 0.44 ounces of gold and 1.74 to 4.30 ounces of silver per ton.

Supplies were brought to the mine via a three-foot-gauge wooden track.  The remains of this track can still be seen today.  A compressor house sat near the entrance of the mine.  The mine had a five stamp mill, the mill was closed in 1938.

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Entrance of Adit #2 of Antimony Queen mine. 


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Motor/Compressor Mazama Queen.


Air receiver tank in mine.


Looking into a raise.

An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  


Foundations of the five stamp mill. 

Wooden supply track ruins.

Blower at entrance of the mine.
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