Mine Entrance 

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Lake Serene Mine located in Snohomish County, part of the Index Mining District.  Also known as the Index-Independent, Wilbur Index, and Pride of Index mine. 

Ore consisted primarily of copper with gold and silver.  From 1902 - 1907 the mine was owned by the Index-Independent Mining Company.  From 1949 - 1951 the mine was owned by the Lake Serene Mining Company.

Above ground structures consisted of a cabin and 80 ton bunker.  The development consisted of three adits, one 470 feet, one 170 feet, and one 261 feet.  Assays consisted of high grade ore at $98.98 a ton.

Source:  Inventory of Washington Minerals Part II
Huntting M.T. 1956

Raise to upper tunnel.
Area of "winze" and raise to upper tunnel.


Second intersection.

Lake Serene Mine 1901 - 1951  
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