Adit Entrance. 

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The Kitanning Copper Mine is located in Snohomish County part of the Index Mining District.  Originally discovered in 1900 and operated by the Kittanning Copper Mine Company. 

The mine superintendent was W.C. Rutter.  According to 1902 records a copper vein was opened by tunnel using 8 to 10 men.  The tunnel is located at an elevation of 2000 feet.

The development workings consisted of four claims known as the Cuprite, Wonder, Copper Pick, Copper Idol, and Copper Bar. 

According to the Copper Handbook, Volume 10 this mine was listed as "Dead" as of 1911.

Source: Geology and Ore Deposits of the Index Mining District.  Washington Geological Survey 1912
The main tunnel of the adit. 
Looking back towards the adit entrance. 

Adit entrance. 
Kitanning Mine 1900 - 1914   

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Cabin at Kitanning Mine. 

An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

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