Hyde Coal Mine Cumberland, Wa

Originally known as the Rose-Marshall mine, this operation lasted from about 1908 to 1920. The coal mine was started by R.H. Rose of Seattle and J.R. Marshall of Cumberland. In 1913 the mine was renamed the Hyde mine under the operation of Samuel and Enoch Hyde with George Stonebridge as Superintendent and George Watkin Evans as the Consulting Mining Engineer.


Additional concrete footings      

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A side view from above part of the foundation.     
Hyde Mine 1914      

Concrete footing of perhaps a rail system. 

Entry at base of structure. 

Hyde Mine 1914   

Hyde mine surface workings.  

Vew approaching the large hoist foundation.    

Clay pipe remnants.   

Mine Slag pile

Old shaker screen

When a coal car was pulled out of the mine, it was typically hoisted up to the top of a wooden tipple structure where the coal was unloaded into a chute for processing.  Using simple gravity, the coal would usually travel down across some kind of screening device to seperate the larger chunks of coal from the finer sized coal.  Eventually the larger chunks usually called "nut" or "lump" coal would end up on a "picking table" where impurities such as rock or sandstone were thrown away.

Shown right is a March 1914 photo of the picking table of the Hyde Coal Company.


A view of the top of the hoist foundation.

Hyde Coal Mine, WA 1908-1920

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Retaining or foundation wall in side of hill. 
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