A map from the 50's showing the bridge and the No. 10 and No. 12.
Franklin No. 10,12 Mines WA

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By the late 1960s Palmer was operating one underground coal mine on the east bank of the Green River and had recently closed another.  The active mine was called the No. 10, named after one of the seventeen coal seams of the Franklin series. The No. 12 mine had closed several years earlier.  A wooden bridge with narrow gauge rails for small coal cars crossed the river and provided access to the west side where flatter ground made coal removal by dump-trucks easier. In March 1971, Rocket Research using special explosives blasted the old bridge down. The ceremony was attended by many State and local dignitaries as well as television crews from NBC for the monthly documentary program called "First Tuesday" shown in May of that year.

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Rail and cable remnants.

Various remnants near the former bridge site. 

Coal cart in the river near the No. 10 and 12 mines.


Powder structure from the mines


Rail remnants 

Looking across the river towards where the No. 12 would have been.
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