Fortson Mill company store.

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The mill property was founded in 1905 as the McCaughey Mill Company.  By 1910 the population of the town around the mill was 130 people. In 1923 the mill and surrounding community was re-named Fortson.  Fortson became a town with phone service.  Fortson had a company store, homes, bunkhouses and a post office.  By 1926 Fortson had grown to a population of 320 people.  The Fortson Mill was sold to Burke Barker in 1954, thus the mill was moved to the Three Rivers Mill in Darrington.  Most of the buildings and equipment at Fortson were moved and sold for salvage.  Today very little remains of the once bustling community of Fortson, except for the massive skeleton of one of the mill structures. 


Ivy covered company store vault.
Fortson, WA 1910 - 1954  

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