Farmer, WA 1895-1961 

site visit 2011

There is very little information recorded about this once small agricultural community.

Farmer Washington was located in Douglas County.  Farmer was established around 1895 with the first post office.  The first postmaster of Farmer was John Morgan. 

Farmer consisted of a general store, post office, community hall, and service station.  Today the Farmer Community Hall still exists and is occasionally used as well as the Farmer Cemetery also known as the Happy Home Cemetery..

We have read accounts questioning the identity of the remains at Farmer. According to sources from the Douglas County Museum the structure pictured right is that of the former Farmer store.

Source: Douglas County Museum

An old Barn at Farmer.




Abandoned homesteads throughout the Farmer area.

Farmer Community Hall today.


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Shelving inside the old Farmer store.


Old Store at Farmer.

The apparent remains of an old well.

Various farming related artifacts scattered around.

The old store at Farmer.

Collapsed buildings adjacent to the Farmer store. 

Farmer Cemetery - first burial 1893
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Douglas County Ghost Towns

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