The East Creek Mine was opened in 1907 by the East Creek Coal Company and operated continuously until 1916, when taken over by the Phoenix Coal Company.  The mine was located on a spur from the main line of of the Tacoma Eastern Railway driven in the early 1900's.  The mine produced about 100 tons per day during peak operation. 

The mine once had fourteen buildings of surface workings, including a coal bunker and washing plant.  Only one structure remains today.

Source:  Coal fields of Southwestern WA Harold E. Culver 1919  Inventory of WA Minerals Bulletin No. 37 Marshall T. Huntting 1956

1911 map of the mine surface workings.

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Inside the structure.
 The collapsed main portal of the mine. 

The only remaining structure at the mine site.  This may have been a powder bunker.

Bottles and ceramic jugs.
East Creek Coal Mine 1907-1930's
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