In April of 2012 we had the privilege of visiting the Durham, WA mine site and fan house remnants with Don Mason of the Black Diamond Historical Society as our guide. 

This is the vicinity of the No.1 and No.2 mines at Durham.

Coal production records for Durham during its years of mine operations are from the Washington State Coal Mine Inspectors' Annual Reports. The total tonnage mined at Durham from 1888 to 1944 was 733,566 tons.

For more on the town of Durham please see our Durham Page

Special Thanks to Don Mason for his vast knowledge and taking the time to share this site with us.



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Wooden water piping.


Durham mine coal mine fan house.


Don Mason of Black Diamond Historical Society. 
Durham Mine Fan House, WA 1915-1922 

Site visit 2012



Location of the collapsed mine.
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