Dryad was a once a thriving lumber community located in Lewis County.  Originally named Salal.  The name Dryad comes from the mythological nymph who lives in oak trees.  The town was founded by the Northern Pacific Railway.  Dryad boasted a post office, three hotels, two general stores, three saloons, church, school, and an opera house.

In 1907 Lewis County records had Dryads population at 500.  Peak population is believed to have been 700. 

Through the mid 1920's the mills at Dryad were still thriving.  During the late 1920's and early 1930's  a decline began and the town never recovered.  The Wasser-Hubbard Mill was the last mill in town which burned down in 1957.

Today Dryad is a small unincorporated residential community.  Very few remnants of Dryads booming past remain except for the old Dryad Baptist Church, the 1911 Dryad School, and several farm houses.

Originally Dryad Baptist Church.

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Old 1911 Dryad School - now residential. 


Dryad Cemetery

Dryad early 1900's.

Dryad Cemetery also known as Dryad - Doty cemetery.
First burial was in 1895, plotted 1900.
Dryad Church         
Dryad, WA 1902 - 1957
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An old barn near Dryad. 
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Lewis County Lumber Towns
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