Damon Pythias Mine, WA 1890's - 1960 

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The Damon Pythias Mine is located in King County at an elevation of 3,000 feet and is part of  the Money Creek mining district.  It consisted of 18 claims abutting the Apex claims.  The mine is believed to have been discovered around the 1890's about the same time period as the Apex mine.  Most of the mine workings were done prior to WWII. 

W.J. Priestly who was the manager of the Apex mine was responsible for the development of the mine.

Some of the workings may have been done as late as the 1970's  The mine contains a impressive wooden ore shoot that may be of this era.

The primary metals extracted from the mine were gold, silver, and lead.  The mine consists of 3,000 feet of underground workings and 2,300 feet of track.  At one time the site had a cookhouse and bunkhouse.

Source:  Geology and Minerals of  King County, WA
Bulletin No.63 1971 Vaughn E. Livingston

An old bin laying on the tailing's. 

Main tunnel and tracks.

The mouth and gate of the ore chute.

Ore chute coming out of a raise working.

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  Large wooden ore chute in the mine.

Air receiver tank.
One of the several turns in the mine.

Three way intersection.
  Old ladders are in various places in the mine.

Looking down one of the drifts. 

Main adit entrance of the Damon Pythias mine. 
Looking back at the main entrance. 

Main tunnel track and ventilation piping.
Looking up into the ore chute raise. 
Shoring in one of the tunnels. 
An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition. 
Looking out of the main tunnel. 

Tailings and entrance of mine.  
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