Copper Belle Mine 1897-1920 

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The Copper Belle mine is located in Snohmish County in the Index Mining District at an elevation of 1500 feet.  The property consisted of 18 patented claims.  The main adit consists of about 2,000 feet of workings, including two 40 foot inundated winzes.

The Copper Bell  was located by L. H. and C. H. Gray1 in January of 1897.  In May of 1897, the Copper Bell Mining Company was formed.  In 1901 the Copper Belle was sold to the Bunker Hill - Sullivan Mining Company of Idaho.  In 1902 the company reformed as the Bunker Hill and Sullivan Copper Mining Company and again in 1904 as the Bunker Hill Mining and Smelter Company.  In 1905 a concentrator mill was constructed near on the property first processing 50 tons per day then upgraded to 100 tons per day.  The mill only operated until 1906 when it shut down due to lack of ore.  A smelter was completed in 1908 below the main workings of the mine not far from the Joker claim.

In 1917 during WWI the demand for copper as a strategic war metal drove copper prices to a record high.  It was at this time when the mine was sold to the Western Copper Mining Company.   With the end to the conflict in Europe so was the end of the profitable price of copper. 

By the early 1920's no significant mining was occurring at the property.  In 1929 as the result of a logging accident which occurred on the property, all of the buildings were lost to fire.  In the 1950's several geological studies were done to determine future profitability of the mine.

Source:  Inventory of Washington Minerals, Volume II Metallic Minerals Bulletin No. 37, Marshall T. Huntting, 1956  Discovering Washington's Historic Mines Volume I, Northwest Underground Explorations, 1997


Starting into the mine



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First winze.
Looking into the second 40 foot winze.

Looking into the first winze.


Second inundated winze.

Looking towards the entrance of the mine.

An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  


Smoke stack base at the former smelter site. 
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