The walls and ceiling of the mine are stained with Malachite
and Azurite. 

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The Clipper Mine is located in the Carbon River Mining District at an elevation of 3823 feet.  The mine was also known as the "Mothers Day".

The first official report of the internal resources of the Carbon River mining district was made by VV. J. Wood, M. E., in January, 1898, for the Leola Mining Company, of Tacoma, whose prospects had been located by I. H. Wilkenson.

Clipper was part of the Surprise group of mines. It was a "Hard Rock" or "Lode" mine.  The mine was developed around 1901.  Clipper mine sits at about 3800 feet.  The mine goes in about 1200 feet and has several  crosscuts or horizontal branches.  These crosscuts only go in about 10 to 30 feet.  This mine contains no vertical shafts or "winzes".

Tacoma, WA Leloa Mining Company's Clipper mine was tunneled by three shifts of men working day and night.  Following a lead copper ore, which at the opening was six inches in width, but increased in width as the tunnel progressed, to fifteen feet.  The Leola company accumulated a large dump of chalcopyrite ore which carried from 10 to 45 per cent copper and varying amounts of silver and gold.

This mine is accessed by Hwy 165 from Wilkeson to Forest Service Road 7810.  A few miles up 7810 is a blocked road to the right which leads to the mine.  Parking coordinates: N47º 01.255, W121º 50.905


 One of the high tunnel points 
Source of the water running out of the mine.

 View from Clipper Mine entrance. 

Mine Tailings at the base of Clipper Mine

Entrance to Clipper Mine    
Clipper Mine 1901 - 1943

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An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

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