Chancellor, WA 1872-1907  

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Chancellor located in Whatcom County Washington 15 miles from Harts pass near Slate and Canyon Creeks.

Chancellor sprang up as a boom town with the discovery of gold in the area in the 1870's.  At it's peak more than 3,000 people lived and worked in the Hart's Pass area.   It was around 1905 that a power plant was installed by the Chancellor Gold Mining Company.  The power plant in addition to Chancellor supplied the Eureka mine with power.  The plant was powered by a Pelton wheel via two miles of flume that ran Canyon Creek.

It was around 1900 that many people began to leave the area for the gold fields of British Columbia and Alaska.  The mines  in the area were also failing.  The severe winters and terrain made the delivery of power to the mines inconsistent and difficult.  The power plant at Chancellor closed in 1907. 

Today the ruins of the hotel/boarding house, power plant, cabins, and sheds are all that remain of Chancellor.


Ruins of the three story Boarding house/hotel.

Inside cabin

Cabin at Chancellor.         

Shack at Chancellor.

Cabin at Chancellor.


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Pipe/flume to the power plant.

Ruins of the power house at Chancellor. 


Cabin at Chancellor


Platform of the generator.

Housing of the generator.
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Whatcom County Mining Towns

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