Cascade Station, WA 1893-1929

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The east portal of the old Cascade Tunnel that connected to the Wellington side, and the site of Cascade Station, originally called Tunnel City.  The primary purpose for Cascade Station was for trains added or removed electric locomotive "helpers." 

The tunnel did create an unforseen problem. The tunnel was constructed so that the prevailing wind of the pass would blow through the tunnel clearing it of smoke from steam locomotives.  However if the wind was light or coming from another direction, the smoke and heat could be fatal to engine crews and passengers. The railroad tried to solve the problem, but locomotives became larger and so the problems became worse.  In 1909, the railroad added overhead wires in the tunnel  so electric locomotives could be used to pull trains through the tunnel.

East portal Cascade Tunnel.

Portal of the east Cascade Tunnel at Cascade Station.

East portal Cascade Tunnel.

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   Remnants of train servicing area. 

Electrical fixtures for electric helper locomotives in the tunnel. 
Looking into the east portal of the Cascade Tunnel.    
  Dynamite bunker Cascade Station. 

Concrete tressel footings.

Cascade Tunnel Station

Cascade Station school house 1920's.      

Train coming out of the east portal of the Cascade Tunnel

Tracks at concrete remnant.
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