Portal of Carbon Mine.    
The Carbon mine was operated by the Carbon Coal and Clay Company, formerly the Green River Coal Company. The upper Carbon mine was formerly owned by Fred Nolte and operated as the Nolte mine. The first recorded operation of this mine was in 1903. 

The two beds being mined here were the No. 1 and No. 3.  The dip to this mine was so flat, being only 13 degrees that buggies were used to bring coal from the face of the chute to the gangway.  The rock tunnel crossed the strata or sedimentary rock until the coal was reached.

The coal from this mine was dumped into a chute and hauled by electric motor to the Daly mine bunker.  The coal from the Daly, Carbon, and Old Carbon mines was picked and washed at the Daly bunkers.  The washer was a Pittsburg type with a capacity of 50 to 60 tons an hour.

The total production of the Carbon and Daly mines during operation was 1,092,693 tons.

Source: Coal fields of King County 1912.

**Coal mines if accessible should NEVER be entered.



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The 80 foot rock tunnel through sedimentary rock prior to the collapsed portion. 

Top or roof bolts.
No. 7 Hoist

Looking into upper shaft. 

Collapsed Portal.

Artifacts throughout area. 
Carbon Mines, WA 1903 -1930's 

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Upper incline shaft possible air shaft.  

Collapse or back fill in rear of rock tunnel. 
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King County Mines


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