Pacific Coast Coal Co. Burnett Mine 1917   

Burnett was named for Charles Hiram Burnett, Sr. a pioneer coal industrialist and real estate investor who operated a coal mine in the town of Burnett.

Sixteen Men Die In Mine Frightful Explosion in Washington Mine Snuffs Out Lives

Tacoma, Wash., Dec. 8th 1904 The mining town of Burnett, which was the scene of a frightful explosion yesterday afternoon, was visited by hundreds of sepctators [sic] to-day. An air of profound gloom pervades the little town, the mine being a mile or more from the business section.

The death list will, it is feared, reach sixteen, twelve bodies having already been recovered and little hope being entrtaind [sic] for the other four.

Joseph Forsyth, a foreman with the working party, is the only one rescued alive.

Ventilation has been established and is working satisfactorily, but it is not believed that any of the men will be rescued alive. Every effort is being made and a strong force is doing its utmost.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 8 Dec 1904

Burnett saw another mining disaster on December 17th 1924 when seven were killed in a mine explosion.

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The population of Burnett dropped sharply by the time the workers strike in 1921.  After a lengthy national coal strike ended the mine closed in 1927

Very little remains of the Burnett mine today.  Although the town of Burnett remains active, only the powder house remains from the original mine. 

At one time Burnett had a cemetery. Ten graves (or more) were exhumed and moved in 1954. There was an epidemic of tyhpoid and to protect the community graves were removed. Who and where is unknown.  The small listing below was left at that time.

Mary Barber was a child and the relatives in California had her body exhumed to be there.

A local resident was paid to upkeep her grave site for many years before she was moved. He built a picket fence and took flowers annually on her death date.  All stones and graves are gone and this cemetery is now non-existent.

Company houses Burnett, WA 1920


Vault for company store    
P.C.C. Burnett Mine, Wa 1906 - 1927 
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Mine tracks near the former bunker.

Remains of Burnett mine fan house. 
Burnett Mine powder house  
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