Bodie Mines, WA 1896-1944       
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The Bodie Mines are composed of five patented claims and 224.45 acres under mineral prospecting lease from the State of Washington. The claims are located in Okanogan County.

The Bodie Mine was discovered in 1890, and had operated intermittently until 1944 when it was shut down.

The Bodie Mining Company was organized in 1902 to expand development of the original location. Under the leadership of C. M. Fassett of Spokane, a ten-stamp mill was erected that used mercury amalgamation and straight-leach cyanidation.  Early production mined near-surface zones of high-grade ore containing as much as 20 ounces per ton gold. Initial milling practice yielded marginal recoveries, leading to several turnovers in management and ownership. The first period of mining ended in 1916, prior to the start of World War I. During this period, the mine changed hands four times: Bodie
Mining Co. (1902–1907), Bodie Mining and TransportationCo. (1907–1909), Duluth-Toroda Mining Co. (1910–1912), and Toroda Development Co. (1915–1916).

Northern Gold rebuilt the mill in 1935, increased throughput to 70 tons per day (tpd), and added a trial flotation circuit that was suspended after only six months use. Recoveries were not completely successful until 1938 when cyanidation and a revised flotation circuit were added. Northern Gold ceased mining and milling operations in 1941 after the War Production Board issued Government Order L-208 closing industries considered nonessential during World War II, but remained active on the property until 1945. The company mined approximately 50,000 tons, valued at $280,000, until shut down. As many as 40 miners and mill men had been employed during Northern Gold’s stewardship, working three shifts per day (Moen, 1980). Geo-Mineral Exploration acquired title to the five patented claims in 1969.

In all the Bodie mines produced an estimated $1,250,000.00 in gold.

Special Thanks to Brock Hanson - Geo-Mineral Exploration for site access.



Tram wheels at the top of 400 level. 

Inside the 400 level tunnel. 

700 level portal which is approx 750 feet in length

Cabin next to the 400 level adit.

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Adit with track remnants. 


Collapsed tram cable tower near the 400 level. 

400 level portal of the Bodie Mines. 

700 Level Adit 

Inside the cabin.


200 level adit rail remnants 

An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  




700 level tunnel        

700 Level
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