Bodie, WA 1896-1944  

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Bodie came to be in early 1888, two years after Ryan and Creasor discovered a gold rich area which became Republic’s Knob Hill Mine, high quality ore was found milled and processed right in Bodie until the falling gold prices closed the township's mine and buildings became vacant in 1934, it was at around this time the town had relocated to the Bodie Mining Camp. It was estimated US$1.2 million in gold was mined at Bodie. It is still said today that Bodie Creek still runs color. This ghost town, regularly attract historians, mining buffs, and photographers to the historic buildings. 

The only intact structure remaining of the original "Old Bodie", a small two story house converted to a storage building with the help of local resident Doug Prichard. This is the largest, most visible structure still vertical in what is now Bodie, it is often referred to as a schoolhouse which doubled as a saloon, but this account has been disputed.

The assay office, mill remnants, and other structures remain on the property.

Bodie is located 10 miles NE of Wauconda on Toroda Creek Road in Okanogan County.

Bodie Stamp Mill Foundations    

Bodie Assay Office front 


Ore Bucket near the mill

Remaining structures along the main street of Bodie.        



Bodie Bunkhouse 

Mill Foundations

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Bodie Assay Office back 

Inside the Bunkhouse 
Front of Bunkhouse 

Tram cables still in place coming from the mine to the mill
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