Ruins of Blewett Stamp Mill constructed in 1878.   Also known as the Hummingbird Mill   

Blewett was a town in Chelan County. The mining town was established on the west side of Peshastin Creek in the foothills of the Wenatchee Mountains in the mid-1870s. The first mining claims were filed in 1874, and a stamp mill followed by 1878. A wagon road to Cle Elum was completed in 1879.

The community was originally called Werner with the establishment of a post office in 1893, but the name was changed to Blewitt a year later. It was named after Edward Blewitt of Seattle, whose mining company owned many of the claims in the area. A road to Peshatin was completed in 1896, and a stage ran three days a week. During this time the town boasted a school, a two-story hotel, stores, a saloon and telegraph service. The mill ceased operations in 1905 when the main vein of ore ran out. Not much exists there today, but a few mining remnants.  Although the area has seen a revival in independant mining operations.

Blewett Stamp Mill - A stamp mill is a type of mill machine that crushes material by pounding rather than grinding, either for further processing or for extraction of metallic ores.  

Source:  Bulletin 6 Geology and Ore Deposits of Blewett Mining District Charles E. Weaver 1911


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View from above the mill 

Blewett circa 1900 The stamp mill is pictured above.  

Mine Tailings

Foundation Remnants of Stamp Mill    The mill was a 20 stamp mill,
powered by two boilers that were cord wood fed. The boilers powered a 50 h.p. Corliss steam engine. A 500 foot long flume brought water from a creek above.      

Blewett, WA  1874 -1905  

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Former Townsite where highway 97 runs now.   

Blewett 1911  

Presumed remnants based on historical descriptions of the pipe which fed water to the boiler house. 

A boiler house was located next to the stamp mill to furnish steam
to power the 50 h.p. Corliss Engine.  Water was brought by a flume to a holding tank just above the stamp battery. 
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Chelan County Mining Towns


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