Antimony Queen Mine 1906-1952 

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The Antimony Queen Mine located at 2,000 feet in the Gold Creek area of Okanogan County.  This mine was known by many names over the years; New Deal, Dixie Queen, Reedy, Silver Seal, and Jumbo mine.  The first reported activity of this mine was in 1906 owned by the Antimony Queen Mining Company.   In 1916 the Gold Creek Antimony Mine and Smelting Co. reportedly shipped 1000 tons of stibnite ore and several hundred tons of  antimony oxide, which had been milled and concentrated in a small plant near the Site, for offsite smelting.   

About 2/3 of a carload was shipped in 1941. 1940 – Owned by H.B. Johnston, Vernon LaMotte, George Gibson, and C.E. Baker, 1941 – Site leased by William Oldfield.  Oldfield reported that about one ton of ore was being hand sorted per day during that time.  

The mine originally consisted of five adits all but adit two are collapsed. Adit two consists of about 500 feet of underground workings.

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A creek must be crossed to visit this mine.  The creek runs high and swift in the early Spring.  The best time to visit this mine is in the mid to late summer.  The Antimony Queen is also scheduled for remediation in the very near future. 


Entrance of Adit #2 of Antimony Queen mine.

Shoring of the raise in the mine.

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Main tunnel of mine.

Wooden ore cart body.

Looking back at the adit entrance.



Looking at the back of the main tunnel.

An Important Reminder:  We strongly recommend you stay out of abandoned mines altogether unless accompanied by a guide familiar with the mine, safety and its structural condition.  

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