Anatone established its first business in 1878 and was an early important trading post, but the town itself was not platted until 1901. Although Anatone is the third largest town in Asotin County, its population over the years appears to have never exceeded 100 or so people; a sign at the edge of town in 2010 reads "38 people, 17 cats, 20 dogs and 11 horses.

There are modern buildings and some occupied homes along the main street in Anatone, however their are no services or businesses.

Anatone is also the location of the Asotin County Cemetery where John Wormell, Asotin County Sheriff shot and killed in 1931 is buried.  Wormell was shot and killed on August 5th 1931 by twelve-year-old Herbert Nichols Jr.  The case attracted national attention. 

About 1 a.m. on August 5, Niccolls broke into Peter Klaus’s People’s Supply Store in Asotin, intending to steal candy and cigarettes. But within minutes Sheriff John Wormell knocked on the door at the front of the store. Wormell was a 72-year-old former state representative, four-term sheriff, and descendant of one of the first settlers in Asotin County. “Come on out,” he said. “I am the sheriff of Asotin County”(Lewiston Tribune).

Receiving no response, Wormell entered the store. With him was Peter Klaus, the store owner. Waiting outside were Deputy Charlie Carlisle and Deputy Sheriff Wayne Bezona.  Wormell and Klaus began to search the store. Someone turned on the light.  Niccolls, hiding behind a vinegar barrel, panicked. He jumped to his feet and fired at Wormell, who was standing less than five feet away. The bullet struck Wormell in the head, killing him instantly: "Wormell fell in his tracks without an outcry, his gun in his hand”.

Wormell remains the only officer in Asotin County to lose his life in the line of duty.




Asotine County Cemetery - Anatone, WA   
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Anatone Hotel


Old abondoned farm near Anatone   

Anatone, WA 1878-Present   

Site visit 2010 

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Grave of Sheriff John Wormell - It appears the headstone was replaced at some point.   

Downtown Anatone   
John Wormell
Sheriff Asotin County
Served 35 years with
the Sheriff's office.  
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Asotin County Ghost Towns


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